Iron Woman Trucks at DIA

Proven Track Record of Success

Iron Woman Construction and Environmental Services, LLC is a full-service environmental and civil general contractor with a staff of more than 250. Beginning in 1999 with the redevelopment of the former Stapleton International Airport, Iron Woman has provided comprehensive solutions to some of the region’s most complex construction projects. Iron Woman has worked closely with private, municipal, state, and federal agencies to successfully deliver over $350 million in utility, heavy civil, environmental and construction-transportation projects throughout the western United States.

Case Study - Left Hand Creek

Iron Woman completed a $4.3M resilient river restoration project along three reaches of Left Hand Creek, located at the intersection of Highway 36 and Lefthand Canyon Drive in Boulder County. Working with the Lefthand Canyon Oversight Group, Iron Woman provided mitigation and recovery efforts for the partially federally-funded project that is part of the Watershed Resilience & NRCS Emergency Watershed Protection Implementation Program.

Our work on the project included removing, grading, and benching sediment to stabilize the main channel and improve floodplain connectivity; shaping and rehabilitating the channel and forming step pools along the reach; providing bank stabilization and protection in three discrete areas; constructing and repairing berms, enhancing the bed-form and repairing the head cut; and creating overflow channels to increase conveyance during high flow.

We installed buried rock revetments to protect buildings and ditch diversion structures, installed a stormwater swale and offset protection near certain dwellings, developed in-stream habitat enhancements to increase habitat complexity and connectivity, and removed debris and dead trees.

Recent Projects