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Proven Track Record of Success

Iron Woman Construction and Environmental Services (Iron Woman) is a Native American-owned, asset-based company with more than 280 employees and a proven track record of success. Founded in 1999 with the redevelopment of the Stapleton International Airport, Iron Woman has grown into an environmental and civil general contractor that can self-perform: environmental consulting and remediation; mining services; solid and hazardous waste transportation; water, sanitary, and stormwater utility installation; and site civil construction. Iron Woman’s ability to work collaboratively with owners, strategic partners, and regulators results in accelerated and comprehensive solutions for our customers’ most complex problems. Our environmental expertise combined with our extensive civil experience empowers Iron Woman to identify value-engineered opportunities and resolve constructability issues prior to the construction phase of the project.

Case Study - Waldorf Mine Closure

The Historic Waldorf Gold Mine, near Georgetown, Colorado, sits at 11,640 feet above sea level. The ore mine operated from 1850 to 1950 before it was abandoned, leaving behind contaminated waste tailings. Water discharged from the mine’s adit drained continuously through these tailings, carrying contaminants with it. That water feeds into Leavenworth Creek in the Colorado Mineral Belt, which then flows through Arapahoe National Forest and downstream watersheds. The project’s goal was to improve discharge water quality that would protect downstream watersheds and vibrant mountainous ecosystems.

The Iron Woman Mining team constructed a Passive Water Management System specifically designed to minimize environmental impact while naturally ridding water of pollutants. The system utilizes a series of lined channels and ponds that capture and control water flow. Iron Woman considers passive water management an engineering, scientific, and construction innovation that could majorly impact historic mine site water quality. The result was an aesthetically pleasing, natural water cleaning system that will ensure safe water for generations to come.

The project improved water quality at the headwaters of a major watershed system serving both the ecosystem and the communities relying on Clear Creek. Without resolution, the contaminated wetlands would have continued degrading and destroying water quality for generations to come. Iron Woman partnered with Trout Unlimited (client), Wenck Engineering (engineer), and the United States Forest Services (owner). The reclamation project was safely and successfully executed, making a lasting environmental impact to Colorado’s precious water resources. The Iron Woman crew executed the project with zero safety incidents and minimal need for plan changes.

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