27th Street Storm Drain Project

Iron Woman completed the 27th Street Storm Drain project for the City and County of Denver. The project improved public safety by relieving drainage and flooding issues in the Curtis Park and Five Points neighborhoods. Stormwater runoff in this rapidly developing area drained to the South Platte River at the over-utilized 36th Street Outfall, which would often lead to flooding during storms. The project included approximately 5,900 linear feet of large storm pipe ranging in size from 78 inches to 96 inches in diameter and is located in 27th Street between Blake Street and Welton Street, and in Washington Street between 27th Street and 20th Avenue. The new storm drain system connects to an existing 108-inch storm drain at the Coors Field Parking Garage at Blake Street, part of the 29th Street Outfall, balancing water flow between multiple systems and resulting in less flooding and ponded water along the 27th Street and Washington Street corridors.

City and County of Denver

City and County of Denver