Alternative Delivery

Alternative Delivery

Iron Woman has extensive alternative delivery experience having effectively managed several design-build projects with preconstruction services and multiple packages in Colorado over the last decade. The foundation of our alternative delivery project approach is maintaining open and honest communication throughout the construction process. 

At Iron Woman, we follow the Associated General Contractors (AGC) CMGC Best Practices model for project management and delivery, including preconstruction services. This approach emphasizes communication and thorough planning to consistently deliver a high-quality product. 

We are committed to active participation during preconstruction and collaborate with our clients to optimize design; increase construction efficiency; reduce or eliminate project risks; develop, evaluate, and implement innovations; and develop strategic phasing that minimizes disruptions and reduces project cost.

Every project has its own unique set of risks, challenges, and potential solutions. In the shifting market, Iron Woman recognized the opportunity to utilize alternative delivery methods that reduce risk by bringing transparency to project costs and leveraging the opportunity for early delivery tasks.

Alternative Delivery Projects