Senac Creek Interceptor Phase 1

Iron Woman served as the civil subcontractor for Phase 1 of the Senac Creek Interceptor project for the City of Aurora. The project included the construction of 5,645 linear feet of 30-inch C900 sanitary sewer pipe, including 15 six-foot diameter manholes, three connections to the existing Southeast Maintenance (SEAM) Facility site, and 190 linear feet of bored 48-inch steel casing.

The project, located at E. Quincy Avenue, includes dewatering and remediation, the installation of erosion control (silt fence, reinforced silt fence, VTC), installation of 120 linear feet of fencing and a gate, installation of 18 acres of seeding and mulching, 3,400 square yards of a crusher fines trail, and 1,785 square yards of removal and replacement of existing asphalt pavement.

Saunders Construction

City of Aurora