City Park Golf Course

Realignment of Denver Water’s Transmission Conduits 57 & 58, which ran through the City Park Golf Course. Excavation and grading work included removal of approximately 2,387 linear feet of existing 42-inch and 46-inch RCCP out of the Golf Course construction areas, as well as all of the associated replacement of asphalt and concrete surfaces. After removal of the existing 42-inch and 46-inch RCCP, Iron Woman reinstalled 3,660 linear feet of 42-inch steel water main. The new water alignment places the pipelines in East 23rd Avenue, between York Street and Colorado Boulevard, and in York Street between East 23rd Avenue and East 26th Avenue. The installation also included three 36-inch butterfly valves with manhole vaults; five 6-inch blow-off manholes; and nine inch access manholes along with the connections to the existing pipe. ​

Saunders Construction Company

City and County of Denver