Canyons Development

Iron Woman completed gravity sewer and force main construction that included installation of 3,528 linear feet of 18-inch SDR26; 4,558 linear feet of 18-inch SDR35; 1,187 linear feet of 21-inch SDR26; 10,013 linear feet of 21-inch SDR35; 1,442 linear feet of 24-inch SDR35; 23 four-foot diameter manholes and 42 60-inch diameter manholes. The excavation ranged in depth from 15 feet to 40 feet and involved extensive rock excavation. Canyons Filing 2 included completion of water, sewer, concrete, roadway and drainage infrastructure, as well as paving, roadway preparation, sidewalks, curb and gutter, signage, striping, dry utility crossings, water and sewer mains and laterals, trails, RCP for storm sewer, inlets and other drainage improvements.

Shea Homes

Canyons Metropolitan District #7