Stapleton Redevelopment

The Stapleton Redevelopment Project was Iron Woman’s first project, allowing us to showcase our commitment to “Building Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow.” The work at the former Stapleton International Airport helped establish our company as an important team member for public-private partnerships and set the tone for our continued participation on high-profile Front Range projects.

Iron Woman provided on-site hauling of concrete and asphalt from the former airport to an on-site recycling center for processing into usable aggregates for the redevelopment. We also provided trained, experienced staff to manage contaminated soils encountered during the project.

At the time, the Stapleton Redevelopment site was the largest recycling and infill project in the world. Today it is a vibrant, mixed use development that continues to expand. The Central Park neighborhood furthers Stapleton’s sustainability legacy with light rail transit options and LEED-certified business centers, including the FBI’s new regional headquarters.

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