River North Park

Iron Woman was the general contractor for the development of a 3.5-acre parcel in the River North (RiNO) neighborhood at 35th and Arkins Court into a new park and road segment. Iron Woman’s work included excavation and haul-off, site grading, concrete work, drainage and water quality, re-purposed play equipment and site furnishings, water service, plumbing, lighting, and irrigation. Iron Woman managed significant subcontractor work on site including demolition, concrete, asphalt, electric, and landscaping.

Environmental risks were a challenge on the project as the park was constructed in an old trucking yard/shop. Iron Woman contracted a third-party environmental engineer to facilitate the environmental needs on the project, which also required close coordination and oversight to ensure all safety, quality, and environmental compliance requirements were met. Iron Woman acted as the stormwater management inspector and as a liaison between all parties regarding environmental compliance. The total area of disturbance included the entire 3.5-acre site. Iron Woman also utilized a large amount of re-use materials in the construction of the park to emphasize the City’s commitment to mitigate as much environmental impact as possible.

City and County of Denver

City and County of Denver