DIA Hotel & Light Rail

The DIA Westin Hotel and Light Rail Expansion utility infrastructure buildout consisted of significant storm and sanitary sewer installations performed by Iron Woman. The earthwork portion included excavation of a variety of materials for the trunk infrastructure, followed by appropriate backfill activities. Maintaining access to the airport was a critical requirement for the City and County of Denver; Iron Woman’s successful management of substantial amounts dirt and spoils throughout the entire project contributed to this requirement being met.

Iron Woman’s installation of the trunk infrastructure was part of the RTD’s $1.03 billion Eagle P3 project and DIA’s $580 million Westin Hotel project. Iron Woman’s initial contract value was $65,000 and grew to over $3.3 million as we continued to add value as a project partner. In addition to Iron Woman’s strong utility team in and out of the field, critical coordination was seamlessly managed through our integrated services which included an in-house trucking group.

Kiewit Building Group

City & County of Denver, Department of Aviation