Iron Woman Celebrates 25 Years

In 1999, Shaun Egan and Phyllis Pendergrass-Egan signed Iron Woman’s first contract to perform trucking services in support of the redevelopment of the former Stapleton International Airport. They had a single truck, one employee, and a whole lot of ambition. The company was named “Iron Woman” in honor of Shaun’s great-great-great grandmother, a full-blood Blackfeet Indian. Over the past 25 years, Iron Woman has transformed into a leading general contractor with a workforce of nearly 300 employees. The company serves a variety of markets including infrastructure, water, transportation and logistics, and environmental, and has worked on nearly every major capital improvement project on the front range.

As we celebrates this milestone, we pay special tribute to the dream, perseverance, and exceptional individuals With the help of a highly skilled team, strong partnerships, and a commitment to a strong safety culture, the company has successfully delivered some of the most challenging projects and actively contributed to community development.

Looking forward, Iron Woman is poised for the next 25 years, focusing on growing partnerships to help the community solve complex problems and shape the future of Colorado.