Sterling Ranch

Utilities and Pond Construction

Sterling Ranch

Utilities and Pond Construction


Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board


  • Sanitary sewer

  • Storm sewer

  • Drainage channel structures

  • Earthwork

  • Pond construction


$13 million

Iron Woman completed utilities and pond construction for the Titan Road Phase 2 Improvements, Titan Road and Roxborough Park Road Intersection Improvements, Sterling Gulch Drainage Channel Improvements, and Sterling Ranch Filing 2 Subdivision Improvements located in Douglas County, Colorado. Iron Woman’s work consisted of utility construction to include sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water construction; drainage channel structures; storm sewer construction as part of the drainage channel improvements; erosion control; earthwork, grading, and pond construction. The utility work included more than 6,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer and more than 33,400 feet of stormwater construction.