Iron Woman maintains more than 9 crews capable of performing a wide range of open-cut, wet utility installation projects ranging from residential developments and municipal projects to mass transit and right-of-way sites.

IW installs:

  • Water distribution systems – as large as 60-inch welded steel transmission lines, both direct bury or insulated bridge systems, installed with hangers or casings;
  • Sanitary sewer mains – service systems consisting of both gravity and force main applications with depths up to 35 feet;
  • Storm sewer collection and storage systems – including 12’x10’ concrete box culverts, boulder drop structures, cast-in-place structures, flat work and RCP, CMP or PVC collection systems; and
  • Dewatering system installation and management – consisting of well points, earth berms, lined ponds, and sheet pile containment

These crews are also available to meet project demands for our Civil and Environmental groups.

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