Xcel Arapahoe Energy Plant

Remediation and hauling of contaminated soil

Services Included


As a subcontractor to Great Lakes Environmental, Iron Woman provided all manpower, equipment, materials, supplies, access, and inspections necessary for loading, weighing, trucking, and disposal of all coal and ash contamination at the decommissioned Arapahoe Power Plant. Iron Woman worked with Great Lakes to remediate contaminated soil associated with the former 229 MW coal power plant. The contamination was associated with coal-based fill and other contaminants associated with 70 years of continuous operation.

Iron Woman’s work included:

  • 410,000 cubic yards of coal-based fill and ash Transported to DADS Landfill
  • 798,000 Accident Free Route Miles, and No Lost Time Accidents
  • 40 Trucks Per Day / 6 Days per week



Xcel Energy


  • Trucking


$6.2 million

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