River Point at Sheridan

Brownfield Redevelopment


River Point at Sheridan was a $130 million Brownfield redevelopment of a historic landfilling operation and a true success story for Iron Woman. It exemplifies best practices in sustainable construction while also bringing together professionals from different companies that now represent our environmental team. It was critically important that we provide staff experienced with complex environmental remediation projects and our trucking group delivered on that demand on all levels.

Iron Woman’s on-site services include coordination and supervision of 68,000 truckloads of historic landfill debris on this environmental remediation project.

Transportation & Disposal

  • Removed over 1,000,000 cubic yards of contaminated materials
  • Brought in over 650,000 cubic yards of clean import

Environmental: Disposal of Contaminated Materials

  • The 1,000,000 cubic yards of material included asbestos-containing material, medical waste, low-level radioactive waste, and petroleum contaminated soils
  • 150,000 pounds of lead battery casings and contaminated soil
  • 700 cubic yards of PCB contaminated material and 150 PCB capacitors





City of Sheridan


  • Environmental Services
  • Trucking


$12.7 million

About the Project

The River Point at Sheridan project transformed two former landfills and industrial operations to a 700,000-square foot retail and commercial development serving the surrounding community. This was accomplished via the Voluntary Cleanup Plan which remediated and mitigated environmental contamination, turning the property into a source of jobs and tax revenue for the City of Sheridan.

  • Iron Woman’s commitment to safety resulted in a zero-injury accident environment for our staff, project partners and the surrounding community
  • Project partners are now part of the Iron Woman team. Learn more about our current capabilities in environmental services here
  • EPA Region 8 Phoenix Award in Recognition for Excellence in Brownfield Redevelopment
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