RTD FasTracks, Eagle P3 Project

Utility and site services for commuter light rail project


The East Corridor consists of 22.8 miles of commuter light rail with 7 stations. Iron Woman completed the relocation and upgrades for water and sewer systems, the modification and encasement of two Denver Water Conduits, and installation of several jacked-bored water lines and sanitary sewer lines underneath active Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad lines. This new connection between Denver Union Station and Denver International Airport was a showcase project for the region.

Environmental: Effluent Monitoring for Dewatering Activities

  • Dewatering and disposal of groundwater
  • Management of storm & surface drainage and construction waste discharge
  • Removal and disposal of asbestos-containing pipe encountered
  • Loading, transportation and proper disposal of excess materials, including asphalt

Civil: Excavation & Earthwork

  • Backfill, Compaction & Site Restoration
  • Additional excavation and backfill for select telecom utilities
  • Steel casing pipe to 54” for other utilities in the work area
  • Boring at select rail crossing locations
  • Erosion control

Utilities: Water, Storm & Sanitary

  • Relocations of conduits & water lines (6”, 8” & 12”) in multiple work areas
  • Inlet protection & sediment control
  • Associated valves, fittings, anodes and hydrants
  • Sanitary sewer installations with multiple mobilization/demobilizations
  • Daily reporting of work completion and all test reports
  • Quality Assurance compliance

This multi-jurisdictional project required effective communication to coordinate the efforts of various districts, agencies and subcontractors engaged in the work. On a technical basis, notable challenges included the installation of a deep sanitary sewer line with a sanitary force main in heavy groundwater requiring significant dewatering activities.



Denver Transit Constructors


Regional Transportation District (RTD)


  • Environmental Services
  • Civil and Site Services
  • Utilities (Water, Storm and Sanitary)
  • Trucking


$6.3 million, Multi-Year Project

About the Project

Colorado’s continued Front Range growth demands transportation solutions that keep pace with the region’s needs. The Eagle P3 Commuter Rail Line Project was one piece of a comprehensive plan being delivered that is helping to keep the area’s economic momentum moving forward. Iron Woman participated in multiple Eagle P3 scopes of work and we truly valued the opportunity to keep our home town a great place to live and work.

  • The East Corridor RTD Rail Line was another large-scale, zero-injury accident project for Iron Woman
  • Eagle P3 Project qualified for OSHA’s Star Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) under Other Heavy Civil and Engineering Construction Projects
  • Trained & certified staff was able to properly manage removal and disposal of asbestos-containing pipe encountered with minimum project disruption
  • Integrated services provided by Iron Woman included wet utilities, civil, environmental, transportation and disposal
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