Citadel Station Redevelopment – Miller’s Landing

48-acre redevelopment project in Castle Rock, Colorado


Miller’s Landing is a 48-acre redevelopment in the heart of Castle Rock, Colorado.  The site was historically used as a clay mine, but when the mine was closed, the open trenches were used for municipal solid waste (MSW) disposal.  Redevelopment of the site was hampered by poor access and Industrial Zoning which severely limited reuse opportunities.  Site redevelopment will commence in 2017.

Iron Woman has been actively assisting P3 Advisors with assessment of the former landfill and analysis of redevelopment opportunities:

Environmental Assessment: Initial Review & Findings

  • Evaluated previous assessments associated with past redevelopment efforts
  • Provide recommendations for supplemental environmental/geotechnical investigations
  • Provide recommendations pertaining to the regulatory framework specific to site redevelopment, as well as to the remedial/waste management approach
  • Complete a high-level cost estimate for managing and consolidating MSW
  • Identified tax credits and low-interest loans through Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) and CHAFA

Environmental Investigation: Site Investigation, Testing

  • Installed multiple groundwater wells to characterize groundwater conditions
  • Completed 115 test pits to verify vertical and lateral extent of the former landfill
  • Completed a comprehensive geophysical investigation to determine soil reuse options
  • Enroll property in the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCUP) with CDPHE

Voluntary Cleanup Plan

  • Developed a Voluntary Cleanup Plan (VCUP) for site redevelopment that included, off-site waste disposal, cover design for residual waste, and active/passive landfill gas mitigation system to protect future building occupants
  • Worked with the client to develop multiple redevelopment scenarios based on remedial alternatives



P3 Advisors



  • Environmental
  • Civil and Site Services
  • Trucking


About the Project

The former Citadel Station is situated within the Castle Meadows Urban Renewal Area and is targeted for a mixed-use development. It will both benefit from and compliment the adjacent Philip S. Miller Park, a large new diverse park in Douglas County that has been well received by its resident with car counts totaling over 2,700 car trips daily or 1 million annually.

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To learn more about the scope of this project you can visit the following websites:

Castle Rock Urban Renewal  |  Denver Post

Citadel – Castle Rock Urban Renewal Website

Castle Rock Renewal facilitates investment and redevelopment of blighted areas within the Town of Castle Rock. We work in partnership with the Castle Rock Economic Development Council to help make projects financially feasible and buildable. Sustainable development in underutilized areas of our community enhances our tax base and creates new jobs and amenities.

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