Now Hiring: Stibnite Mine Reclamation Project

Iron Woman Construction and Environmental Services (Iron Woman) has been selected as the General Contractor for Perpetua’s Resource’s 2023 Reclamation project at the Stibnite Mine. The project begins in mid-June and runs through October. The scope of work includes mine tailings and waste rock excavation, transport, and placement of waste material in a contained repository, river channel reconstruction, erosion control, water management, and extensive revegetation. The mine is located 2.5 hours Northeast of Cascade Idaho and approximately 10 miles due-East of Yellow Pine Idaho in a beautiful and remote section of the Payette National Forest. To support operations in this remote location Perpetua Resources has built a dormitory-style camp at the mine and will be supporting lodging and catered meals along with housekeeping and laundry services for the employees while on their scheduled rotation. 

Iron Woman will be employing approximately 36 field employees and 8 technical and managerial staff to cover a 7-day-per-week operation. Field employees will work 10 to 12-hour days with a 14-day on and 7-day off rotation schedule. Technical and managerial staff schedules will be based on maintaining consistent coverage. 

With the 14/7 schedule, hourly employees can expect to accrue 60 – 80 hours of overtime in two weeks. Including the 7 days off, employees will still average 48-56 hours per week. A retention and safety bonus of $3,000.00 will be paid to all employees who remain throughout the duration of the project and perform work safely. Employees will enjoy three primary meals per day with a hot breakfast and dinner and a sack lunch. The menu will be varied and provide options for multiple dietary preferences. Additional snacks and beverages are available anytime. No consumption of recreational drugs or alcohol is allowed at the camp or project location.

After the workday is over, a variety of past times are available including hiking, biking, and fishing adjacent to the job site. A recreation building will contain workout equipment and weights. A lounging area with televisions and access to movies will be available.  

Employees will park their personal vehicles at Perpetua’s secure yard and offices in Donnelley Idaho. Company transportation will be provided to and from the mine to this location for workers’ shift rotations. 

Iron Woman is looking for qualified candidates for the following positions:

  • Field Engineers – (Salaried or hourly option position based on experience)
    • Responsible for ensuring construction specifications are understood by the field and environmental compliance is being adhered to at all times. Field engineers will manage survey control at all project locations, manage construction unit quantities for billing purposes and work directly with the Project Manager. 
  • Equipment Maintenance Technicians – (Wage Range) Low – $28 / High – $32
    • Responsible for daily maintenance of all equipment and vehicles including fueling and lubricating wear parts. The equipment technician will perform basic diagnostics and minor repairs but will be supported by an equipment manufacturer’s technician. 
  • Heavy Equipment Operations – (Wage Range) Low – $32 / High – $38
    • Excavator Operator – Machines include CAT 349, 336 and 316
    • Dozer Operator – Machines include CAT D6 and D6 LGP
    • Loader Operator, Soil Compactor, Misc. Equipment – Including CAT 950 Loader, CAT 815 Soil Compactor, etc.
  • Articulated Haul Truck Drivers – (Wage Range) Low – $24 / High – $30
    • Articulated Truck Driver – Multiple CAT 740 trucks
    • Articulated Water Truck Driver – CAT 740 water truck
  • Ground Support Workers – (Wage Range) Low – $20 / High – $26
    • Ground-based work includes:
      • Harvesting of trees for reuse in the river features. Sawyer skills for several employees
      • Water Management Tasks. Building and maintaining sumps, water collection and bypassing structures, maintenance of pumps, screens, etc.
      • Decontamination of trucks and equipment. Inspection and dry/wet decon efforts as needed.
      • Chipping of small trees, limbs, and shrubs. Stockpile management.
      • Assisting the mechanic with equipment fueling and lubricating tasks.
      • Trash and debris collection and transport to dumpsters.
      • Installing and maintaining erosion control materials, construction fencing, signage, etc.
      • Traffic management. Potentially flagger services in some circumstances.
      • Assisting with the installation of geotextiles.
      • Collecting and transplanting live willow stakes.
      • Assisting with some revegetation and soil supplement tasks.

All positions are full-time with benefits, including:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Short term disability
  • 401k
Interested applicants should send resumes to

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